an historical fantasy series

Ingrids Guilt


book 1 of 5

There’s nothing more dangerous than a witch living in Puritan New England.

While 16-year-old Ingrid Blackburn does everything she can to keep her head down and avoid attention, her best friend, Thankful Black has a nasty habit of speaking her mind. But Thankful doesn’t know why Ingrid lives in constant fear. She can’t possibly know her secret…

When Ingrid learns Salem is hunting witches, she fears it is only a matter of time before Wicksberg, Massachusetts joins the chase. Two widows are missing from town—no one has seen them in weeks…and then there is the small strange box Thankful discovers: magic.

What would Thankful think if she knew the truth about what she has discovered? And what would happen to Ingrid if Wicksberg ever discovered her secret? Ingrid has only one option: she has to steal the box from Thankful. But her theft will come at a price, and will Ingrid be prepared to pay it? 

“We all live in constant fear,” Ingrid said. “Even if we are not aware of it. Everything we do is out of fear.”

Annabel's Revolution



The country’s at war, and there’s nowhere to hide—not even for a witch.

It is easy to forget a war when the fighting is taking place so far away, but that’s all about to change for Annabel Bradstreet and her family. When the battlefield enters their backyard, the Bradstreets flee, but not before Major James catches up with them. There aren’t enough men to fight for the Patriots, and Major James won’t stop until he builds an army strong enough to take on Cornwallis, even if that does mean forcing men, like Annabel’s brother, to fight. Desperate to stop the army from finding out they are witches, Annabel and Joshua have no choice but to leave their mother behind and join.

Annabel is about to learn firsthand what war is really like as she does everything she can to stop anyone from discovering her secret, but what if Joshua can’t control his temper or his powers? What will the soldiers do to them if they discover Annabel and Joshua are witches? 


You cannot speak to men as you do. This…wearing your hair down without a cap, removing your shoes, talking back to the major and the officers…it is not acceptable of a young woman. Truth, it is not acceptable of any woman. I for one would never…well, let me say I know my place. I admire your spirit. And your love for your brother is obvious, but if you keep kicking the hornets’ nest, they will sting you…it is as simple as that.

Florence's Candle



The Civil War was supposed to be the worst of it…wasn’t it?


19-year-old Florence has been living underground for the past four years with a witch coven. Now that the war is over, the witches look to freedom, and Florence is sure her troubles are finally behind her until she discovers her cousin’s body has been removed from the cemetery. Shocked, angry, and confused, Florence will leave the safety of the coven behind her to find out why anyone would steal Jacob’s corpse. But the truth of the past can do more harm than fresh wounds, and Florence will face more than she ever could expect.


Flung into a new world of science and dark magic, Florence must learn to face her fears and take the lead before it’s too late. 


“What is it?” Florence repeated. She edged closer to the open grave and gasped. Susan and Michael had removed the lid of Jacob’s coffin—it was empty.


Book 4 of 5

When the Great Depression hits a small forest town, a young witch must make the choice between family and doing the right thing.


The result of the devastating 1930s hangs over Feathersprings. While Emma’s father uses an illusion spell to con people out of their money and last hope, the new mayor terrorizes the town behind scenes.


But things go too far and a town member kills himself as a result. Appalled by her roll of his death, Emma knows there’s only one way to stop her father and the mayor: She must pull off a con of her own.


Can she get away with her deceit and save the rest of the town, or will she get caught, losing all hope?

His words were like bricks in Emma’s stomach. Her eyes widened, and she scrambled away from him. “What do you mean he’s not a concern?” she asked with forced calmness. Her legs shook uncontrollably, and sweat trickled down her neck. “Pa...what did you do?”


When a teenage girl uses a spell to get ahead at school, she has to learn the hard way that you don’t mess around with magic.

Wallflower Zoe Denton’s chance at getting into her dream college is slipping through her fingers. To make up for her abysmal math grades, she’s encouraged to write for the school paper, but this late in the year, there’s only one section available—horoscopes. Humiliated at the prospect of writing such a useless column, Zoe sneaks into her basement one night and creates a potion to help her write the horoscopes. There’s just one problem: Zoe’s lost all control over the newspaper column, and the more sinister the horoscopes, the more likely they are to come true.

Now it’s a race against magic. Can Zoe undo the potion’s spell before a classmate dies? Can she keep her family’s secret safe? Or will the school turn against her when they find out she’s a witch and a murderer?


Book 5 of 5

Something was wrapping itself around her chest, crushing her ribs into her lungs and heart. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t breathe. She was dying.... She had killed Karla and now she would die too.