How to Live Creatively Right Where You Are

 Creative living doesn't need to be complicated. Really, it shouldn't be complicated.

*Article from a guest post I submitted to Create Lounge February 2017. Read the full post here >>>

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.
— Oscar Wilde

As a fantasy reader and writer, I'm guilty of romanticizing the invisible: the mystic world that seems to lay just beyond my reach, but lately, Wilde's words have given me a wake-up call.




I like to think of creative living as taking the ordinary and creating something extraordinary out of it by changing one’s point of view: What could be a boring trip to the grocery store becomes an adventure when you decide to shop at a different store, or pretend your grocery list is a scavenger hunt. And let’s be honest, whip cream and cinnamon instantly makes hot cocoa more fun (and fancy).

Creative living doesn't need to be complicated. Really, it shouldn't be complicated.

A common mistake we make is assuming creative lives are filled to the brim with huge strikes of inspiration every day; assuming masterpieces are being created every week; and assuming “Jane Doe” is so talented, the world will never be the same. I mean, we can’t all be J.K. Rowling.

If I thought I had to be Rowling, I’d never want to write. If I thought I had to be Monet, I would give up painting.

I'd be too afraid trying to live up to a fictional image of the “perfect creative” instead of celebrating my own creativity and my own version of a creative life. And sure, as much I wanted my Hogwarts letter to arrive when I was eleven (okay, fine, I’m still waiting for it to show up), the lives we are all living right now aren't fiction. And that's okay.

The invisible is appealing, and maybe living in Paris and painting every day is your dream. Maybe writing by the seaside or playing for posh parties every other night would be a wish come true. But those are not the only ways to live a creative life.

The visible life you are living right now is a creative life too.

Yes, even with school, work, children, dating, job searching—all of it.




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