New to the Reader Library!

 Guess what bookworms? The reader library just got a lot more fun with printable bookmarks, art, and of course, more fiction! Click here to find out more.

Even though there will be fewer books being published over the next year, I promised I would spend special attention to the reader library and add more goodies for you amazing readers.


If you’re not already aware, you’ll find the complete copy of Ingrid’s Guilt (The Hidden, Book 1) in the library as well as the first chapters of the remaining books from the series: Annabel’s Revolution, Florence’s Candle, and Emma’s Con. And yes, later this year when Zoe’s Secret is released, you’ll have access to the book before anyone else.


So other than books, what could I add to the library? I wanted to find a way to blend my design and artwork interest with my fiction, and came up with the following goodies:



The first release is centered around Ingrid’s Guilt, but don’t worry, there will be collections for every book in The Hidden series by the end of the year.


As always, the password to the library can be found in my monthly newsletter, and access to the library is right here.


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