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Hi! I'm Emily. I'm the author of The Hidden. When I'm not writing fiction, you can find me painting, indulging in my bullet journal, or geeking over Harry Potter.

I've been in love with stories all my life.

I began writing professionally in 2010, creating non-fiction, and published my first fiction novel in 2014. Since then, I haven't looked back.

I now live out my life by authoring fantasy novels. I currently have one series: The Hiddenand am working several stories on the side :)




I was born and raised in Southern California, where I still live today. My mother's passion for reading steamed my own, and my love for stories began to grow at a young age.

Though I love story writing and had several half-finished books hanging out on my desktop by the time I graduated college, it wasn't until 2014 that I was able to complete my first novel (thanks, NaNoWriMo!) and soon after publish.

Fun Facts

Influences: My writing is influenced by mythology, American Romanticism, gothicism, and fantasy authors Tolkien, Rowling, and McKinley.

Authors: I also enjoy reading poetry (Tennyson, Keats, Wilde, Dickinson), classic literature (Austen, Joyce, Bronte, Chaucer, Shakespeare), and non-fiction.

Education and Business: I've always loved learning, and with a lifetime spent reading and writing, it was a natural step for me to earn a Bachelor's in English Literature. With a knack for helping and teaching others, I soon after obtained a Masters of Education.

But I quickly learned I'm an idealist and the reality of being a teacher wasn't what I wanted out of life. So I took a sharp turn in 2016, quitting my teaching career and taking on a freelance job with an insurance agency, which allows me the time I need (and want) to write fiction, poetry, and a ton of creative non-fiction.

Trivia: INFJ, poet, yoga enthusiast, chocolate lover, artist, Harry Potter obsessed, and productivity crazy.